How to write a coursework

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Traditionally, course work has the following structural elements:

1. Title page (not numbered, but included in the total number of pages).

2. An introduction should reveal the relevance of the study, its purpose, subject, object, tasks. Also, it should indicate the methods and techniques used in the process of writing a term paper. The volume of entry is up to 3 pages, but not less than 2.

3. The main part (theoretical and practical sections). Contains theoretical material that must necessarily be based on reputable sources. The practical part follows from the theoretical research platform. Usually, the practical part is larger than the theoretical one. This structural element is the largest in terms of volume – 15-20 pages.

4. Conclusion. In this part of the course work, the author draws conclusions about the results of the study, the performance of the tasks set in the introduction. The size is up to 3 pages.

5. References should contain 20-25 scientific sources.

Recommendations for writing a term paper

1. Before you start writing a term paper, be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements for it, submitted in the training manual of your department.

2. Systematize your work. We recommend making an approximate individual schedule for writing a coursework, in which determine the period of writing.

3. Writing a term paper should begin with a search for scientific sources and their analysis. Do not try to write the practical part before the theoretical one.

4. Be sure to pay attention to the general requirements for coursework content:

  • Conciseness
  • The text should be written impersonal or from a third person, the pronoun “I”, “me cannot be used, for example, you cannot write: “The purpose of my research is …”, it will be correct: “The purpose of the research …”;
  • All the facts, examples given in the work must be accurate;
  • Pay attention to the argument, it should be clear and sufficient, not contradict itself.

After you write the text of the course work, be sure to check its technical side. Requirements for functional design can be found in the manuals.